A simple INDUSTRY4.0 within everyone’s reach

ENGINE IoT is the solution you need to implement your SMART FACTORY while monitoring assets and production processes and controlling consumption and critical infrastructures. By using the infrastructure’s AI and Big Data, risks can be prevented and the industrial processes performance investigated through a remote dashboard. The PROCYB ENGINE IoT platform provides you with scalable monitoring and predictive analytics, adapting to any IoT scenario.

PROCYB connects the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)’ systems with the digital world. This way it is possible to collect data from any source, analyze them and get useful information in order to optimize their assets while improving both strategic and operational decisions.


SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: Overall vision of the production cycle. Monitoring of all production processes to identify possible areas of improvement.
INDUSTRY 4.0: Connection between less advanced machinery and the digital world to take advantage of the benefits offered by Industry 4.0.
PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Continuous, real-time and low-cost machine condition monitoring. Specific Machine Learning algorithms can tell when the machine is not working properly and predict any potential malfunctioning.